10 Amazing Sardinian Sunrises

My favourite Sardinian Sunrise

Almost all of Sardinia’s best beaches are on the east coast or face east making it Europe’s number one destination for beach sunrises. This posed quite the dilemma for a night owl like me as I can’t stand getting up early but I was determined to get as many sunrise shots as possible.

No matter how painful it was to drag myself out of bed a 5am and drive the hour or so to a different beach each morning, I never once regretted it. The weather was perfect and each morning was filled with different colours. I’ve never seen so many shades of blue, pink, yellow, red and orange light up the sky.

These are my favourite Sardinian sunrises taken during my three week September road trip.

La Pelosa Sunrise

Su Giudeo Rocky Sunrise

Chia Beach and Island Sunrise

Cloudy Morning in La Pelosa

Early Morning La Cinta

Sunrise in Southern Sardinia

White Sand and Pink Sky in San Teodoro

Stormy Morning in Chia Sardinia

Awesome Colourful Sunset on my Final Day in Sardinia

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  1. And totally worth losing an extra hour of sleep or so for these photos! Lovely! 🙂

    • I lost a LOT of sleep for these photos!! But well worth it not just for the photos but to visit these places with almost no other tourists around.