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Rear View Mirror Mystery Tour in Trieste

Yesterday I wrote of the feeling of contentment when arriving on the Croatian coast. I get much the same feeling when a little further north in Trieste. Even more so.

Another sunset in Trieste, Italy

Standing on the waterfront promenade, with a slight salty sea breeze gives such a feeling of tranquility, even with the crazy Italian traffic buzzing around. Crisp air, clear blue sky and completely calm water with its glass-like finish.

I love this city.

Trieste Canale Grande 2015

It doesn’t hurt that the weather is almost always perfect when I visit. Not to mention the fruity gelato, a very cute seaside castle and on-tap Aperol spritz each evening during aperitivo time.

This was only a quick overnight stop. Read this post for a comprehensive list of things to do in Trieste.

My stop in Trieste signals the end of the Balkans sector of the Mystery Tour. That was short lived unfortunately. Travelling by train in that part of the world is problematic, especially in winter. Trains are infrequent, run at either 5am or are night trains, and the standard leaves a lot to be desired. Plus the trains are so bloody slow. I do not want to spend 6, 8 or 14(!) hours on a train.

Western Europe is easier and more relaxing for train travel. The trains are fast and clean(ish), run regularly and I can be in the next destination within a couple of hours. That’s more my style. So the Balkans is out and (for now) Italy is in.

Watch the Video

Video coming soon!

Food Highlights: Mandarino gelato from Jazzin which tasted like I was eating an actual piece of fruit. Breakfast panini and hot chocolate so thick you have to eat it with a spoon from Il Pane Quotidiano.

Where I Stayed: Forvm Boutique Hotel. Lovely unique boutique hotel located halfway between the train station and the Piazza Unita.

Zadar to Trieste: 3 hours 30 mins on the bus back to Zagreb followed by a few hours hanging out in the gorgeous cafe at the historic Esplanade Hotel, a former stop on the Orient Express. Then 7 hours on three trains with an overnight stay in Villach, Austria. Not as painful as it sounds.

Take a peek at the next stop on the Mystery Tour.

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  1. Our first visit to Trieste was this past fall while in transit from Slovenia to central Italy. What a pleasant surprise! We only stayed 2 days, but would like to go back.