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The Ultimate Romanian Road Trip

I don’t know why I had such a poor opinion of Romania before visiting. I was expecting it be more like the Balkans and less like Central Europe. I was thinking it would be more than a little rough around the edges but in actual fact the cities are much like elsewhere in Europe … [Click to continue]


A Winter Drive Across Northern Germany

The Germans often complain of their cold, snowy winters but I love a bit of chill in the air and I love Germany in winter. Indulging at the Christmas markets with a hot cider (or mulled wine) is a daily event when there, as is enjoying the country's most famous sights surrounded … [Click to continue]


Road Trip: Bosnia & Herzegovina

It was hard to drive away from Zagreb, a colourful, dynamic city where much of the day is whiled away in sidewalk cafes. A city where I can envisage myself becoming a resident. But I had more pressing issues, a road trip through Bosnia and Herzegovina and a long awaited return to … [Click to continue]