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Road Trip Guide: 10 Amazing Days in Estonia

Attention! There may be nude people in the area! It would have been nice to have seen that sign before I came face to face with a rotund Estonian with all his dangly bits on show. Or before he pivoted and wobbled off into the sunset. Some sights cannot be unseen. It was … [Click to continue]

Road Trip: Budapest to Krakow via Kosice

At this stage is looks fairly certain I’ll be making Budapest my European home base which means I’ll be taking many more road trips in Hungary and around Central Europe. That suits me just fine as it’s one of my favourite parts of Europe and I can’t think of a city better … [Click to continue]

Sardinia to Berlin via France

Sardinia was full of surprises, both good and bad. It has the stunning beaches everyone expects but some very average ones too. Watching Sardinian horses and pink flamingos with a mountainous backdrop is etched in my mind but so are the truckloads of rubbish which line the … [Click to continue]

Road Trip: Tuscany’s Hilltop Towns

Walking away from Siena’s gorgeous cathedral, with its black and white marble facade set against a cobalt blue sky, I’m excited to be headed somewhere even more impressive. I turn into a narrow side street then walk through a nondescript doorway. The rich, deep colours … [Click to continue]