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South Eastern Europe and More in 2013

I always thought it was pointless to make New Year’s resolutions, thinking that if you wanted to change things in your life you should do it now instead of waiting until one pre-determined day of the year. But whether I like it or not the New Year does symbolise a new beginning of sorts which brings new opportunities and welcome change. At least I’m welcoming the changes it will bring. My travel plans for next year are much the same as they were for this … [Read More...]


Gourmet Life in Kosice

I’m not going to lie, traditional Slovak food isn’t the most appetising I’ve ever come across. There are a lot of soups, stews, dumplings and cabbage roll type dishes which by nature aren’t the most visually appealing of foods. They’re tasty of course, the rich flavours typically seen in Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic are going strong in this part of Europe too. But Kosice isn’t about traditional food, the locals love different flavours and … [Read More...]


My Free Travel Guide to Albania is Now Online

It’s hard to believe I’ve spent almost 5 months in Albania this year. Much of that time was spent in Berat and if you follow me on Twitter you’d know I wasn’t always happy to be there. With a population of around 50,000 it’s by far the smallest town I’ve ever stayed in for an extended period. That’s not easy for a big city loving girl. The rest of the time was spent road tripping in the south of Albania with Yomadic, his lovely girlfriend and of course with … [Read More...]


3 Day Trips from Saranda Plus 1 Crazy Side Trip

Admittedly, my article on day trips from Tirana is unlikely to inspire anyone to go. The mountains are gorgeous of course but there are better places to experience them than tourist town Kruja and Mount Dajti. As far as I’m concerned, the south of Albania is where all the action is. This is the part of the country I suggest people go, not just to the beaches, but also to see historic cities Butrint and Gjirokastra as well as the tranquil beauty at the Blue Eye … [Read More...]


Getting Out of Tirana: Day Tripping in the Mountains

Albania’s noisy, chaotic capital get get a bit overwhelming at times and I can understand why many residents choose to get out of the city on the weekends. Tourists might want to follow their lead and head to one of the peaceful mountain destinations which are a short drive from Tirana. If you only have a couple of days in Tirana I’d probably give these a miss and enjoy the craziness that is Tirana but if you’re going to be around a while, the fresh mountain … [Read More...]


The Unexpected Style and Beauty of Pecs

Since meeting a Hungarian couple in my French class in Paris in 1999 I was curious about the city of Pecs in Southern Hungary. They told me it was a beautiful university town, a vibrant city with a mix of cultures and one of the best places to live in Hungary. I was intrigued but even though I had been to Hungary a couple of times, I had never made the two hour journey from Budapest to see Pecs for myself. Why is it that upon entering certain cities you … [Read More...]


Guide to Visiting Transnistria

After sharing my experience visiting relatively unknown Transnistria, I've had a number of questions about the specifics of how to travel to the breakaway republic. Visas, militarised border crossings, the possibility of police bribes and where to stay have all come up which is why I've put together this how to guide to visiting Transnistria and in particular the capital Tiraspol. Firstly, why would you want to visit Transnistria? Along with two other travel … [Read More...]


A Winter Drive Across Northern Germany

The Germans often complain of their cold, snowy winters but I love a bit of chill in the air and I love Germany in winter. Indulging at the Christmas markets with a hot cider (or mulled wine) is a daily event when there, as is enjoying the country's most famous sights surrounded by few tourists. Most of all I simply love the snowy landscapes. My recent travels around the Balkans have given me a new found appreciation for German roads. When driving in … [Read More...]


Lunching with Drug Lords in Lazarat

On the tip of my toes, wavering on the rim of the toilet seat I struggled to find my balance. One slip and I'd have a disaster on my hands, in more ways than one. I reached as high as I could and quickly snapped a few photos with my phone. With the Albanian mafia watching my every move I was too nervous to take my camera into the toilets with me, especially after being given strict orders, "no photos in Lazarat". All heads turned as we entered the … [Read More...]