Touring Rome on a Vespa

Vespa Tour of Rome - The Roman Forum

When I found out we were going to spend the evening riding around Rome on vintage Vespa’s I was giddy with excitement. Touring Rome on a warm spring evening, visiting the city’s famous sights with my arms wrapped around a handsome Italian man. The epitome of a romantic night out. I suppose it would have been more romantic if I’d had my hands wrapped around my husband but whatever…

Beautiful Piazza After Beautiful Piazza in Rome

Our lovely guide passionately explained the history of the ancient city at each stop we made. But honestly, I didn’t care, I just wanted to get back on the Vespa and feel the warm breeze on my face as we scootered around the city. You could not get the smile off my face as we weaved in and out of traffic over the cobblestoned streets.

Roman Baths in Rome. At Night.

Our group snaked our way around the ancient Roman city, stopping at the Roman Forum, Piazza Venezia, Circus Maximus, crossing the Tiber River before finishing at the Vatican.

Vatican City at Night: Touring Rome on a Vespa

I’m all for independent travel and almost never recommend visiting a city on a group tour but this Vespa tour of Rome is one I will never forget. It was the best tour I’ve ever taken in my life and I can’t recommend Dearoma Tours highly enough.

I’m a huge fan of vintage Vespa’s and vintage Fiat 500s for that matter. Even though I love my little Fiat 500, it’s no where near as adorable as a vintage Fiat 500 and I guarantee I will take a Fiat 500 tour of Rome next time I’m in the city. Seriously, take a Dearoma tour when you are in Rome. It’s a breathtaking way to visit the city.

Dearoma Vespa Tour of Rome

I was so sad when our Vespa tour came to an end. It was so much fun and I desperately want to buy a vintage Vespa now! To end a wonderful night we we stopped by the majestic Trevi Fountain, another of Rome’s must see sights and my favourite fountain in the world.

Tour of Rome on a Vespa: Finishing at the Trevi Fountain

Thanks to our wonderful Italian Vespa guides for showing us the best of Rome at night.

About Andrea

Andrea Anastasakis is the founder and author of road trip blog Rear View Mirror. She is currently driving her Fiat 500 around Europe. Follow her travel adventures on Instagram.


  1. i envy your trips! awesome photos by the way, love the motorbike!

  2. I remember all those little vintage cars when I was in Rome, just big enough to fit down the narrow streets. I’d love to tour Rome by Vespa but as I’ve never driven a motorbike of any kind I might be a bit scared of the other drivers

    • I might not have been clear in the post but the tour includes an experienced Vespa driver so you just have to hop on the back and hold on. I was a bit nervous at first but they drive quite slowly and you don’t even need to hold on to the driver for the most part.