Zadar: Perfect Food and Mixed Sunsets

At the end of a long tunnel, the completely white, snowy landscape turns into the barren hills and sharp blue sky I’m used to seeing in Croatia. The rugged coastline comes into view and a wave of contentment … [Read more...]

Zagreb Shrouded by Fog

Blue skies, green fields and bare mountains. The sun warms my face as we wind through the mountains. It feels like summer in Austria. Except it’s December. Past a few more villages and around a couple more … [Read more...]

Lake Ohrid: The Most Peaceful Destination in the Balkans

Against my night owl instincts I woke shortly after sunrise to fresh air and the murmur of small boats coming and going. The occasional splash of early morning swimmers, the smell of freshly brewed Turkish … [Read more...]

Fighting Through the Crowds in Dubrovnik

Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. I’ve never really liked that saying, it seems so old fashioned (as many sayings are I suppose) but it does apply in the case of Dubrovnik. To go to Croatia and … [Read more...]

Is It Safe to Travel to Albania?

Since returning from an extended stay in Albania and publishing my guide to visiting the country, I’ve been receiving regular emails from readers wanting to know more. Surprisingly, for me, one of the most … [Read more...]

50 Photos to Tempt to You to Visit Albania

Since my first visit to Albania in 2000 I’ve seen the country develop from what was often cited as "the poorest country in Europe" to an increasingly popular tourist destination. Most visitors head to the … [Read more...]

Skopje: Weird or Wonderful?

I was totally blown away with Lake Ohrid when I visited Macedonia last year. Its natural beauty and history is outstanding and I’d rate it in my top 10 places to visit in the Balkans. I was also blown away by … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Romanian Road Trip

I don’t know why I had such a poor opinion of Romania before visiting. I was expecting it be more like the Balkans and less like Central Europe. I was thinking it would be more than a little rough around the … [Read more...]

3 Day Trips from Saranda Plus 1 Crazy Side Trip

Admittedly, my article on day trips from Tirana is unlikely to inspire anyone to go. The mountains are gorgeous of course but there are better places to experience them than tourist town Kruja and Mount Dajti. … [Read more...]

Getting Out of Tirana: Day Tripping in the Mountains

Albania’s noisy, chaotic capital get get a bit overwhelming at times and I can understand why many residents choose to get out of the city on the weekends. Tourists might want to follow their lead and head to … [Read more...]