Drinking All The Vodka in Warsaw

Part of the reason behind this trip is to film the Christmas markets to complement my recent blog post. I had read Warsaw has a cute market and even though Poland isn’t a traditional Christmas market … [Read more...]

A Surprising Day Trip to Lublin

I had wanted to visit Lublin while staying in Warsaw last year but time got the better of me. I wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass a second time, even if it meant trudging through snow on a day trip. (It … [Read more...]

Travel Favourite: Back to Warsaw

Krakow is a city which needs more than two nights but to get the most out of my rail pass I can’t stay longer. I depart early for the station hoping to have the most options out of Krakow and a good start to … [Read more...]

Quick Krakow

5 years ago I loved every second of my first ever trip to Poland. I was in awe of Krakow’s main square Rynek Glowny, sipped hot raspberry vodka with friends and tried and failed to order food in Polish from a … [Read more...]

Szczecin: A Cross Border Polish Day Trip

Berlin is such a dull city. Just kidding, I'll never tire of Berlin but it is nice to hop over to Poland for a quick day trip and change of scenery, and Szczecin is the closest Polish town. The first time … [Read more...]

Living in Central Europe: 5 Progressive Cities for Digital Nomads

I spent much of last year searching for somewhere to live. Unsuccessfully. I left Paris in 2012 with the intention of travelling for a year or so to create content for my blog and to find my next home. But it’s … [Read more...]

Road Trip: Budapest to Krakow via Kosice

At this stage is looks fairly certain I’ll be making Budapest my European home base which means I’ll be taking many more road trips in Hungary and around Central Europe. That suits me just fine as it’s one of … [Read more...]

Wroclaw: Just Another Gorgeous Polish City

It took me a full day of practice to get the hang of the pronunciation. Vrotswaf. Vrotswaf. Vrotswaf. It’s not immediately apparent when it’s spelt as Wroclaw. But it eventually stuck and I no longer feel like … [Read more...]

First Stop in Poland: Poznan’s Main Square

While Krakow might be known for its beauty and culture and Warsaw for its history and food, the small city of Poznan is noted for its gorgeous Main Market Square. Like most cities in Poland, much of it had to … [Read more...]