Eating All the Food in Bologna

Bologna, Emilia-Romagna. The food capital of Italy. A red bricked medieval city with leaning twin towers and porticoed ancient streets. Home of the Fountain of Neptune, the sprawling Piazza Maggiore and the … [Read more...]

24 Hours in Venice

Choosing the next destination was easy. Venice. Who doesn’t want to visit one of the most unique and fascinating cities in the world? Me apparently as I’ve been absent from the city for more than 20 years, even … [Read more...]

Trieste Revisted

Yesterday I wrote of the feeling of contentment when arriving on the Croatian coast. I get much the same feeling when a little further north in Trieste. Even more so. Standing on the waterfront … [Read more...]

Road Tripping the Best Beaches in Sardinia

Three blissful weeks in Sardinia. That’s how long it took me to painstakingly research this post, visiting all of the most popular beaches in Sardinia, many of the less well know and secluded ones, and even … [Read more...]

10 Amazing Sardinian Sunrises

Almost all of Sardinia’s best beaches are on the east coast or face east making it Europe’s number one destination for beach sunrises. This posed quite the dilemma for a night owl like me as I can’t stand … [Read more...]

Sardinia to Berlin via France

Sardinia was full of surprises, both good and bad. It has the stunning beaches everyone expects but some very average ones too. Watching Sardinian horses and pink flamingos with a mountainous backdrop is etched … [Read more...]

Incredible White Sand Dune Beach in Sardinia

Sardinia has some outstanding beaches, some of the most stunning I’ve seen in Europe. A few have been literally breathtaking but the one which stands out the most to me is Spiaggia delle Dune. The beach … [Read more...]

Road Trip: Tuscany’s Hilltop Towns

Walking away from Siena’s gorgeous cathedral, with its black and white marble facade set against a cobalt blue sky, I’m excited to be headed somewhere even more impressive. I turn into a narrow side street then … [Read more...]

Bribes, Cavity Searches and Quirky Trulli Houses

Leaving Albania was more eventful than I had hoped. A year earlier when leaving the country I was stopped at the border by Albanian customs. They told me I wasn’t supposed to leave my car in Albania for more … [Read more...]

The Shores of Lake Como

I should know better than to book a popular tourist destination for mid-summer. I find it hard to get a feel for a place when there are crowds and few locals around and I usually end up being disappointed. … [Read more...]