Debrecen: Venturing Into Eastern Hungary

The plan was to take the train a few hours east of Budapest, spend the night in Debrecen, then continue on to explore more of northern Romania. A good plan I think. These days I've no interest in travelling … [Read more...]

Things to Do in Budapest: Tips from an Expat Resident

It’s been almost a year since I made Budapest my home. While I’m not sure I’d rank it as one of the most liveable cities in the world I 100% recommend it as a tourist destination, easily making my top five … [Read more...]

Esztergom: Budapest Day Trip to a Gigantic Basilica

I'm not one for visiting religious monuments but wow, Esztergom's basilica is something special. From the moment I arrived, even at the distant train station, the green dome of the basilica was in view and it … [Read more...]

Budapest Apartment(s) Tour

It feels a little weird to be doing this but I’ve decided to go ahead a give a quick apartment tour of my home(s) in Budapest. It’s not something I considered doing before but a few people have asked for … [Read more...]

Margaret Island: Budapest’s City Retreat

Stepping off Margaret Bridge, away from traffic and beaten up yellow trams, you approach the serenity of Margaret Island (Magritsziget). I knew the island as a runners' paradise with its well trodden … [Read more...]

Living in Central Europe: 5 Progressive Cities for Digital Nomads

I spent much of last year searching for somewhere to live. Unsuccessfully. I left Paris in 2012 with the intention of travelling for a year or so to create content for my blog and to find my next home. But it’s … [Read more...]

Road Trip: Budapest to Krakow via Kosice

At this stage is looks fairly certain I’ll be making Budapest my European home base which means I’ll be taking many more road trips in Hungary and around Central Europe. That suits me just fine as it’s one of … [Read more...]

Szeged: From Blue Skies to Snow

To avoid the impending snow storm in Ljubljana we took to the road a few days before our hotel booking in Budapest. But the busy Christmas and New Year period meant almost everywhere was fully booked. So a last … [Read more...]

Highlights of Budapest

Each time I go to Budapest I notice things changing. There are always roadworks, buildings being renovated, new parks being built and interesting restaurants opening up, not to mention the constant stream of … [Read more...]

The Unexpected Style and Beauty of Pecs

Since meeting a Hungarian couple in my French class in Paris in 1999 I was curious about the city of Pecs in Southern Hungary. They told me it was a beautiful university town, a vibrant city with a mix of … [Read more...]