Road Trip Guide: 10 Amazing Days in Estonia

Attention! There may be nude people in the area! It would have been nice to have seen that sign before I came face to face with a rotund Estonian with all his dangly bits on show. Or before he pivoted and … [Read more...]

Living in Central Europe: 5 Progressive Cities for Digital Nomads

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Soviet Estonia: The Good, The Bad and The Miserable

No stopping and no photos. Those were my strict instructions before crossing into Russia without a visa. The road is remote with only a few villagers passing through each day. I could just make out the … [Read more...]

Tartu and a Weekend in an Estonian Manor House

Tartu rates highly in the quirky stakes. Wandering around the Old Town you can find Oscar Wilde chatting with an Estonian writer, students kissing in front of the Town Hall and a naked father and his adult … [Read more...]

Why Tallinn is More Than a City Break Destination

Estonia entered my travel radar two years ago when I met an Estonian in London. His pride and enthusiasm for his country rubbed off on me and even though I knew I was going to visit all three Baltic States in … [Read more...]