Debrecen: Venturing Into Eastern Hungary

The plan was to take the train a few hours east of Budapest, spend the night in Debrecen, then continue on to explore more of northern Romania. A good plan I think. These days I've no interest in travelling … [Read more...]

Things to Do in Budapest: Tips from an Expat Resident

It’s been almost a year since I made Budapest my home. While I’m not sure I’d rank it as one of the most liveable cities in the world I 100% recommend it as a tourist destination, easily making my top five … [Read more...]

Esztergom: Budapest Day Trip to a Gigantic Basilica

I'm not one for visiting religious monuments but wow, Esztergom's basilica is something special. From the moment I arrived, even at the distant train station, the green dome of the basilica was in view and it … [Read more...]

Budapest Apartment(s) Tour

It feels a little weird to be doing this but I’ve decided to go ahead a give a quick apartment tour of my home(s) in Budapest. It’s not something I considered doing before but a few people have asked for … [Read more...]

Mystery Tour Final Stop: Innsbruck

Bonus Mystery Tour stop: Innsbruck After entering a food coma in Bologna, I was ready to head home to Budapest. Three weeks is more than enough for an intense trip where spending only one or two nights per … [Read more...]

Brilliant Christmas Lights in Ljubljana

The first decision of the day; Slovenia or Hungary? I really wanted to do both. Even though I’m living in Budapest I haven’t been to the east of Hungary and from there it would be easy to catch the train to … [Read more...]

Rest Day in Vienna

After another 5am wakeup and 7 hours on the train we took the day off from sightseeing and rested in Vienna. Despite the perfect weather I didn’t get my camera out but instead will share some of my photos from … [Read more...]

Drinking All The Vodka in Warsaw

Part of the reason behind this trip is to film the Christmas markets to complement my recent blog post. I had read Warsaw has a cute market and even though Poland isn’t a traditional Christmas market … [Read more...]

A Surprising Day Trip to Lublin

I had wanted to visit Lublin while staying in Warsaw last year but time got the better of me. I wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass a second time, even if it meant trudging through snow on a day trip. (It … [Read more...]

Travel Favourite: Back to Warsaw

Krakow is a city which needs more than two nights but to get the most out of my rail pass I can’t stay longer. I depart early for the station hoping to have the most options out of Krakow and a good start to … [Read more...]