Mystery Tour Final Stop: Innsbruck

Bonus Mystery Tour stop: Innsbruck After entering a food coma in Bologna, I was ready to head home to Budapest. Three weeks is more than enough for an intense trip where spending only one or two nights per … [Read more...]

Rest Day in Vienna

After another 5am wakeup and 7 hours on the train we took the day off from sightseeing and rested in Vienna. Despite the perfect weather I didn’t get my camera out but instead will share some of my photos from … [Read more...]

Would You Visit Innsbruck?

A few years ago I stopped by Innsbruck on a cross-European road trip. It’s one of Austria’s less visited cities but with an old town which skirts the emerald waters of the Inn River and a magnificent … [Read more...]

A Sunrise and Soufflé in Salzburg

“Bonjour! Je peux vous aider?” That wasn’t the greeting I was expecting as I wound* down the car window in the centre of German speaking Salzburg, Austria. “Je cherche un hotel”, I replied in my best … [Read more...]

Hallstatt: The #1 Day Trip in Austria

Hallstatt is in the unique position of being a day trip away from every major Austrian city. It’s closest to Salzburg but if you don’t mind a bit of driving you can reach it within a few hours of Innsbruck, … [Read more...]

18 Highlights of Austria: Mountains, Castles & Lakeside Villages

Looking through my archives I realise I’m seriously lacking in posts on Austria. I’m not sure how this happened but it’s quite an oversight for a country which offers such a captivating mix of sights and … [Read more...]