Driving in Slovenia

Slovenia is gaining a reputation as one of the most beautiful and interesting destinations in Europe. The compact capital Ljubljana is almost universally loved and the majestic Lake Bled is unforgettable. But there is so much more to Slovenia. On the coast you have an old Venetian town in Piran and skiing, hiking and other adventure sports are popular around Lake Bohinj and the Julian Alps. There are many beautiful towns, lakes, waterfalls and caves easily accessible by car, the best way to travel around the country.

Driving in Slovenia

There are a few popular options for road trips in Slovenia. Coastal Slovenian Istria has a strong Italian influence, destinations around Lake Bled and Bohinj are perfect for outdoor adventure travellers and the towns along the Drava River around Maribor make for a great eastern Slovenian road trip.

Visiting Ljubljana

Even though I’ve been to Ljubljana twice, I’m yet to write about it as I’m still undecided as to how I feel about the city. However, most people seem to fall in love with Ljubljana.

As this video shows, Ljubljana sure looks stunning, at least from a distance. I’m looking forward to giving the city another chance later this year.

Day Trips from Ljubljana

  • Lake Bled – One of the most famous destinations in Central Europe. Visit hilltop Bled Castle, take a pletna to Bled Island and enjoy the spectacular scenery as you walk around the lake.
  • Venetian town Piran is one of the most photogenic destinations in Slovenia. Enjoy the fresh seafood and magnificent sunsets.

Watch this video for a more detailed look at Lake Bled.

Outdoor Adventure in Slovenia

Adventure activities like canyoning and white water rafting aren’t really my thing. I don’t even do much hiking. But if that’s what you’re looking for, Slovenia is a great destination for outdoor adventure. Mountains, lakes, waterfalls and caves are abundant and pristine in Slovenia.

For Foodies

  • Lake Bled Cream Cake – Kremna Rezina is the local specialty of Bled. Layers of flaky pastry, cream and custard make for a very tasty dessert.


Where to Stay

Ljubljana – In Ljubljana I recommend the Vander Urbani Resort which is a new boutique hotel situated right in the city centre, although you can’t park directly at the hotel.

Piran – When visiting Piran we stayed in an apartment in nearby Portorož but if you want to stay in Piran itself I’d recommend the Hotel Tartini. We didn’t stay there as it was fully booked when we arrived but the manager did give me wifi access so I could search for a hotel. In the end he set us up with an apartment with his neighbour and he gave us free parking tickets for the big car park at the entrance to Piran. He helped us a lot!

Slovenian Driving Trips

  • You’ll need to buy a vignette (sticker) at the border or from a petrol station if you want to drive on the highways in Slovenia.

Travel Insurance

Don’t forget to take out travel insurance when travelling in Europe. We recommend World Nomad Travel Insurance which you can take out before or after your trip has commenced.

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