Rome in The Spring

Rome in the Spring

Much like Paris, Rome is the kind of city you can spend months in and not even scratch the surface of what there is to see. I never get sick of seeing the main sights like the Colosseum or the Trevi Fountain but I always discover new things when I visit.

Trevi Fountains iPhone Photo

On my visit last spring, I was introduced to an area I had never seen before, Rome’s Jewish Ghetto.

Rome's Jewish Ghetto

The Jewish Ghetto has one of the most well known restaurant streets as well as boutique shops selling books, art and organic products. This area is almost hidden away but you can find it behind the main synagogue, Portico d’Ottavia and Teatro di Marcello.

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Teatro di Marcello Rome Italy

It feels like you come across ancient Roman ruins at almost every turn. The Roman Forum is the largest and most impressive but there are smaller archeological sites scattered around the city. If you visit Trajan’s Forum you can look over some of Rome’s ruins as well as the massive Victor Emmanuel II monument.

Trajan's Forum Opposite the Roman Forum

The Victor Emmanuel II Building in Rome

Right next to Circus Maximus are the Roman Baths of Caracalla which are beautiful lit up at night.

Roman Baths of Caracalla

As is Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Don't Forget to Visit the Vatican When in Rome

If you have time when in Rome, check out some of the fresh produce at the local markets where you can shop for a picnic or supplies to take home with you.

Food Markets in Rome Italy in Spring

Of course, I can’t share photos of Italy without one of my favourite car in the world, the vintage Fiat 500.

Vintage Red Fiat 500 in Rome Italy

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  1. I love that vintage Fiat. It must be hard keeping it looking like that driving in Rome. Where are you heading next?

    • Yeah, that one was in pristine condition, no idea how they manage that! I’m taking a little break from Europe at the moment and enjoying the sunshine in Australia. 🙂 What about you?

  2. I haven’t been to Rome since 2000, but your photos have inspired me to include it on my travel bucket list. It seems that the Forum hasn’t changed that much over the year (ha, ha!).

  3. Lovely shots! My favorite being the produce ones from the market.

  4. Lovely photos of Rome! They make me feel like wandering some local markets.

  5. Beautiful shots – i absolutely adore Rome it is my favourite city after Paris, you are certainly right in saying you can spend weeks there and not touch the surface.

    I never knew about the Jewish ghetto, it definitely calls for another trip!

    Thank for sharing