Incredible White Sand Dune Beach in Sardinia

Spiaggia delle Dune Sardinia

Sardinia has some outstanding beaches, some of the most stunning I’ve seen in Europe. A few have been literally breathtaking but the one which stands out the most to me is Spiaggia delle Dune.

Dunes in Sardinia

The beach has pale white sand and turquoise water, not an uncommon sight in Sardinia, but with 30 metre high rolling sand dunes as a backdrop. I’ve never seen a beach like it and couldn’t take my eyes off the dunes as I walked the 1km stretch of coast.

White Sands dunes in Sardinia

Spiaggia delle Dune o delle Sabbie Bianche

Spiaggia delle Dune - Dune Beach

Spiaggia delle Dune is in the south west of Sardinia, just across from Porto Pino. The whole area has beautiful natural landscapes including a series of lagoons dotted with pretty pink flamingos.

Pink flamingos in the lagoon at Porto Pino

Porto Pino lagoon with the sand dunes in the distance.

This is such a unique part of Sardinia and the dunes are an incredible sight to come across when exploring the island. The water is pretty amazing too of course.

Walking along spiaggia della dune.

White sand dunes at the beach.

I shouldn’t go on and on but I can’t recommend this place enough. It’s so gorgeous! You really should add Spiaggia delle Dune, or Spiaggia delle Sabbie Bianche (White Sands) as it’s also called, to your Sardinian itinerary.

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  1. Hi Andrea

    Absolutely stunning , what views and the dunes are stunning , thank you for sharing and so happy that you shared these with us. I have never seen anything like this either !!

  2. Sardinia-fan says:

    I really like Cala Gonone but also Spiaggia delle Dune is fantastic 🙂
    Best travels are in Sardinia!