Guimaraes: The Birthplace of Portugal

UNESCO World Heritage Site Guimaraes Portugal

The historic centre of Guimarães is the most well known of Portugal’s 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is listed for its unique architecture from the Middle Ages which was then transmitted to Portuguese colonies around the world. Like most Portuguese cities it has a laidback atmosphere and is a great place to hang out for a few days.

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  1. What a lovely street! I’ve only been in Lisbon years ago and must say didn’t get to see this kind of architecture. Safe to say we were’nt impressed with what we saw in the city,

  2. Looks lovely. I would not have thought historic Portuguese architecture would look like this. I really want to spend some time in Portugal soon.

    • It’s not what I expected either. I loved the architecture in Porto and Lisbon too which is quite different from Guimaraes.

  3. Lisbon old buildings are in bad shape thanks to the frozen rents, an weird law dating back from 1910.