Where to Go in June: The Balkans

June means summer in Europe with temperatures finally (hopefully) warming up. It also means peak tourist season has begun so if you’re yet to make your summer travel plans you might find many places in Western … [Read more...]

Travel Bloggers on Snapchat in Europe | 2016 Edition

Updated: 27th July 2016 Even though I joined Snapchat ages ago I never really got into it until recently. And I have to admit I really like it. It’s like doing a daily vlog for Youtube without the time … [Read more...]

Where to Go in April: The Best of Europe in the Spring

Spring is finally here! It’s so nice to walk outside and immediately feel that change in the air we’ve all been waiting for. We had such a mild winter here in Central Europe and it looks like the nice weather … [Read more...]

Budapest Apartment(s) Tour

It feels a little weird to be doing this but I’ve decided to go ahead a give a quick apartment tour of my home(s) in Budapest. It’s not something I considered doing before but a few people have asked for … [Read more...]

How to Visit 13 Cities in 7 Countries in 21 Days Without Burning Out

Back in September I declared I wasn’t going to be travel blogging quite so much then proceeded to daily blog a three week Eurail trip. Thirteen cities in 21 days covering Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, … [Read more...]

Cozy Destinations: Where to Go in March

March is here! I feel like March is a bit of a nothing month for travel in Europe, unless you’re into mountain/skiing type getaways. Which maybe you are. I’ve never skied in my life, we don’t exactly have snow … [Read more...]

Where to Go in February to Avoid Getting SAD

January is over, winter is digging its heels in and we’re starting to show signs of SAD. February is the month for weekend getaways, hopefully to a destination where we can replenish our vitamin D supplies and … [Read more...]

Where To Go in January: 5 Wintry Weekend Breaks

The thought of hibernating over the winter is not an unreasonable one and with temperatures dropping to -8 here in Budapest I’m more than a little tempted. But there are places to go and things to see! Let’s … [Read more...]

Christmas Gift Guide for Travellers

I’m definitely someone who prefers to spend money on experiences rather than material items and for me that usually means travel. I imagine that’s the same for you and possibly for some of your friends and … [Read more...]

Fighting Through the Crowds in Dubrovnik

Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. I’ve never really liked that saying, it seems so old fashioned (as many sayings are I suppose) but it does apply in the case of Dubrovnik. To go to Croatia and … [Read more...]