2017: New Year, New Home, New Travels

Even though I made an effort to slow down in 2016, the year still seemed to pass at an alarming rate. I’m sure feeling that way is a sign of old age but at 42 I can’t shy away from the fact that I’m most likely … [Read more...]

October Travel Plans: Rimini, Italy

I always considered Paris to be the most beautiful city in Europe, in the world even, but Budapest is a close rival and dare I say maybe more beautiful? Even when feeling down about living here, after a quick … [Read more...]

September Travel Plans: Anywhere But Budapest

I spent most of the summer contemplating exactly what it is I’m doing here. Why did I quit the nomadic life? Why choose Budapest as base? Is there any real value in travel blogging? Do I still want to live in … [Read more...]

July Travel Plans

June saw me finally getting out of Budapest and on the road for what will probably be my final road trip in my little Mini Ferrari Fiat 500. I have to sell her so I'm soon to be carless but the travels will … [Read more...]

June Travel Plans: Burano, Italy

Setting up a base in Budapest is taking longer than I expected. I had thought I could get everything sorted out in a couple of weeks. That was optimistic! Thankfully I’ve made a very good Hungarian friend … [Read more...]

May Travel Plans: Hungary (Again)

After 3 months in Australia it’s so nice to be back in Europe for the spring and upcoming summer. I’ve actually been back for a while, a week in Berlin, a weekend in Munich followed by 10 days in Vienna. … [Read more...]

April Travel Plans: Berlin!

My 10 weeks in Australia is almost up and once again it’s gone too fast! Next week I’m taking the long journey back to Vienna via Dubai. If I’m lucky I’ll have time for a schnitzel and then I’m off to Berlin … [Read more...]

March Travel Update: Australia

Mid-March is a bit late for my monthly travel update but here goes anyway... I’ve been in Australia since the beginning of February for my annual family catchup. Things are always the same in Perth so … [Read more...]

January Travel Plans: Budapest

It breaks my heart to say this year will most likely be my last full year based in Europe. My 10 year residency visa expires next year and unless I move back to France to renew it I’ll be back to travelling on … [Read more...]

Top 5 Travel Destinations for 2015

With each passing year I drift further east, moving away from my former home in France and spending more and more time in Central Europe and the Balkans. In 2015 I'll continue that trend, travelling deeper into … [Read more...]