Esztergom: Budapest Day Trip to a Gigantic Basilica

I'm not one for visiting religious monuments but wow, Esztergom's basilica is something special. From the moment I arrived, even at the distant train station, the green dome of the basilica was in view and it … [Read more...]

Lake Bled: Stunning Views from Tito’s Private Villa

Rapid applause, fans screaming, horns blowing. My first trip to Lake Bled wasn't the peaceful lake I'd dreamt about. The world rowing championships were on in full force with a packed stadium and non-stop … [Read more...]

Trieste: A Day of Prosecco, Gelato and Castles

The roar of Vespa’s taking off as the light turns green and subsequent race to the next red light is classic Italy. It’s quite the change from the quiet streets of Ljubljana, even though it's less than 90 kms … [Read more...]

Szczecin: A Cross Border Polish Day Trip

Berlin is such a dull city. Just kidding, I'll never tire of Berlin but it is nice to hop over to Poland for a quick day trip and change of scenery, and Szczecin is the closest Polish town. The first time … [Read more...]

A Sunrise and Soufflé in Salzburg

“Bonjour! Je peux vous aider?” That wasn’t the greeting I was expecting as I wound* down the car window in the centre of German speaking Salzburg, Austria. “Je cherche un hotel”, I replied in my best … [Read more...]

Hallstatt: The #1 Day Trip in Austria

Hallstatt is in the unique position of being a day trip away from every major Austrian city. It’s closest to Salzburg but if you don’t mind a bit of driving you can reach it within a few hours of Innsbruck, … [Read more...]

A Touch of Cesky Krumlov

Getting lost while walking through the suburbs might have been an odd way to start my trip to Cesky Krumlov but as the sun broke through the clouds, lighting up the old town, I knew I’d lucked out. Most … [Read more...]

5 Flemish Day Trips from Brussels

Brussels has one of the worst reputations in Europe. Not for being dangerous or unattractive or lacking in culture but for an even worse offence. It’s considered boring. Poor Brussels. It’s mostly undeserving … [Read more...]

Bribes, Cavity Searches and Quirky Trulli Houses

Leaving Albania was more eventful than I had hoped. A year earlier when leaving the country I was stopped at the border by Albanian customs. They told me I wasn’t supposed to leave my car in Albania for more … [Read more...]

Top 5 Day Trips in Slovenia

Each year I hear Slovenia described as the next big tourist destination in Europe. An untouched region on the Mediterranean. A must see country before it becomes overrun by tourists. But each year nothing … [Read more...]