Autumn Colours: London in November

London in November

Most of my trips to London are for business rather than pleasure. I organise my visits around conferences and trade fairs, tacking on an extra couple of days to hang out with friends and go shopping. It’s never enough time. I’m always rushed.

London Colours in Autumn

This time I booked a whole two weeks. I was so excited for a longer stay. I planned sightseeing, meet ups with friends, shopping and eating. Then I got sick. Because of course. I spent two weeks in bed, visiting doctors instead of my friends and struggling to attend my business commitments.

Big Ben and Westminster Bridge

But I still loved being in London.

Cheating a bit as this was from the summer.

Every moment I questioned why I moved to sleepy Budapest and not London, a city which never stops. Until I had to open my wallet, when I was rudely reminded with an intense case of sticker shock.

Hungerford Bridge and Golden Jubilee BridgesThe London Eye

I pushed myself to get out as much as possible, to at least get a few photos. One week in East London saw me return to my favourite foodie spots and a week near Borough Market introduced me to some new ones.

Shoreditch Street Art

Wandering through Archbishop’s Park at Lambeth Palace was a new experience as was being in travel book heaven at Daunt Books on Marylebone High Street.

Daunt Books on Marylebone High Street

I resisted splurging on a £1,000 camera lens on Tottenham Court Road only to succumb to a military style winter jacket from The Kooples in Soho.

Private Courtyard at Lambeth Palace Gardens

After two weeks of noisy London, the constant drilling and hammering of construction, traffic congestion, trains barreling by as I tried to sleep, it’s almost unsettling being back in my apartment in Budapest where all I can hear is the sound of my own breathing.

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London Skyline Silhouette

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  1. So sorry you were sick during or most of your trip to London. Hope you feel better now. Haven’t been to Borough Market for a while now. Loved it. I haven’t been to Daunt Bookshop bit other blogger friends have. I can just imagine the difference of being in London and Budapest. I slept so well in Austria in the quiet. Slept well in France with shutters. Take care Anne x

  2. I took two trips to London when I was a teenager and somehow haven’t been back since. And it was a city that I loved! I definitely need to get back soon, if only to explore all the markets and bookstores!