Natyral: Organic Food at Tirana’s Top Restaurant

Fantastic organic restaurant with a seasonal menu. Natyral is easily Tirana’s best restaurant. The seasonal ingredients are mostly organically grown on a farm just outside of Tirana. The menu is a mix of … [Read more...]

Brauhaus: Bavarian Beer and Grilled Meat

Barvarian style locally brewed beer with meat and potatoes in Tirana. It’s unlikely you’d stumble upon Brauhaus while exploring Tirana. You really have to know it’s there or you’d most likely walk right by. … [Read more...]

Divina: Non-Smoker Friendly Cafe by The Lake

Popular and easy going cafe near the Artificial Lake. Albania is a bit of a nightmare for non-smokers. The vast majority of the population smoke and ignore laws which ban smoking in restaurants, bars and … [Read more...]

Patisserie Francaise: Baguettes and French Cakes

A French cafe in Tirana. Tirana has one French cafe and boulangerie where you can stock up on baguettes and other French breads as well as traditional French desserts and biscuits. The Patisserie Francaise … [Read more...]

Tapas: Spanish Tapas & Paella

Tapas, paella and wine bar. The first tapas bar to open in Tirana, Original Tapas is a great place to share a light meal and glass of wine with friends. Run by a Spaniard from the Basque region of Spain, the … [Read more...]

Era: Modern Albanian Food

Two massively popular restaurants in Tirana. Era was the first restaurant I every tried in Albania and it's one I consistently return to. Based on traditional Albanian cuisine, Era serves a slightly more … [Read more...]

Big Ben: English Pub in Tirana

An English style pub in the Blloku district of Tirana. There are new cafes and bars opening in Tirana on a regular basis and Big Ben is one of the newer pubs which is doing well. It tends to attract the … [Read more...]