Lonely Planet Guide to Albania

Mountainous Kruja in Albania

You have a couple of options for guide books to Albania. Of course you can read my mini guide which I have put together from my personal experiences but for those who like to flip through a real book or if, like me, you like to read a bit about the history of a destination before visiting, then I recommend one of the Lonely Planet guides. I own both the Lonely Planet Mediterranean Europe and the Lonely Planet Western Balkans (which is now out of date and not recommended) but there is also their Eastern Europe travel guide and the new Southeastern Europe guide.

Southeastern Europe

If you are going to be travelling in a few countries in the Balkans then for sure I would recommend the Southeastern Europe guide. It’s an expanded version of the Western Balkans guide I have and covers everywhere you would want to travel to in the region. I have visited almost all the countries covered here (I’ve yet to visit Serbia and Turkey) and it’s such a diverse and fascinating part of Europe which I can’t recommend enough. The Southeastern Europe guide has the largest Albania section of all the Lonely Planet guides so depending on your needs this is probably the best option for travellers to Albania.

Click here to buy the Southeastern Europe guide.

Mediterranean Europe

The Mediterranean Europe guide covers Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, the Western Balkans and Turkey. It covers a lot of ground so each country section is less detailed than what you’ll find in the Southeastern Europe guide. But if you are doing a big trip and plan to visit countries outside of the Balkans then I can recommend this guide which I have been using myself over the last couple of years.

Click here to buy the Mediterranean Europe guide.

Eastern Europe

If you will be spending most of your holiday in Eastern Europe and only short time in Albania or the Balkans then you could buy this guide but I don’t recommend it if you are planning on spending most of your time in Albania.

The Lonely Planet travel guides are also available for the Kindle.