Hotels in Berat

View from White City Hotel in Berat

I consider Berat to be Albania’s most beautiful city and a must see on any trip to Albania. You have the UNESCO listed old town and Berat Castle (it’s really a citadel) with its original Ottoman houses and the incredible Mt Tomorr as its backdrop.

Mt Tomorr seen from Berat Castle

Unfortunately, Berat is just a little bit too far from Tirana to visit on a day trip. With the current state of the roads you’re looking at a 2.5 hour drive each way, possibly longer if you’re inexperienced in driving on Albanian roads. Even though the scenery around Berat is stunning, it’s not a fun drive which is why I recommend spending 1 or 2 nights in Berat to make the trip more relaxed and enjoyable.

Mangalem: Berat's Ottoman Old Town

I’ve spent a few months in Berat and from my experience you have two options of where to stay. Firstly there is the White City Hotel in the centre of the new town. It’s right next to the park, cafes, restaurants and the main street which comes alive every evening in summer. The White City is a new boutique style hotel with a modern interior and fast wifi. There are incredible views of the mountains and old town from the balcony and breakfast room. I spent 5 days in this hotel and recommend it to anyone visiting Berat.

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The second option is to stay in a restored Ottoman house in Mangalem, the UNESCO listed old town. There are a few hotels in this area but the one I recommend is Kodiket Inn. It has been beautifully restored by local artisans and if you want to stay in a real Ottoman house then this is the place to stay. It’s an incredible stone house with intricate timber detailing. Staying in an historic building like this is quite an experience. The Kodiket Inn has a traditional interior but all the modern conveniences like the all important wifi. The only real issue staying here is the lack of parking at the door.

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